LED industrial lamps lighting

Submitted by ledstarchina on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 14:58

Based on Time magazine, 2013 was the entire year from the led industrial lamps. That now appears a lengthy time ago, as manufacturers start to question what goes on once the marketplace for these lengthy-lasting led industrial lamps is saturated. There's two ways they are able to go: up or out. Either move upmarket with the addition of value for this commodity product (internet connectivity, colour-altering and so forth) or leave the marketplace completely.

If your led industrial lamps lighting has an electronic ballast, you only need to swap the lamps. However, not all LED tubes are suitable for all HF ballasts. Some manufacturers, supply a ballast compatibility table. 

If the industrial lamps lighting has a magnetic or wire-wound ballast you will also need to replace the starter canister. No other rewiring should be required.

Note that this means that the wire-wound ballast remains in the circuit so it will still consume some energy. This may well affect the overall power factor depending on exactly how the original luminaire is wired.

You should ensure that full, complete and unambiguous installation instructions are supplied with the LED industrial. After conversion, the luminaire should have a industrial led task lamp stating that it is no longer suitable for fluorescent lamps. Most LED industrial manufacturers supply a label with the instructions.

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